About Me

With an English and Communications Bachelor’s degree from Trinity International University, I knew I would take the path of a zealous writer the moment I stepped out into the working world. I am currently the Editor-in-Chief for UrbanMatter, a Chicago-based events and entertainment publication, and have also done work for Chicago Scene Magazine and Back to Print. My next endeavor is a collection of stories on Chicago’s dark, strange, and unexplained history, Sinister Chicago: Windy City Secrets, Urban Legends, and Sordid Characters.

A passion for words takes up the forefront of my mind, but you can also find me happily daydreaming about traveling abroad in the summertime. My New Year’s Resolutions include turning to kindness and love over anger and spite, and hitting my weight goal at the gym. Big sunglasses, even bigger books, perennial plants, and obscure art are among the few items you might find in my room, and I’m always eager to have a discussion about social issues.


Kali Joy Cramer

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