I'm Writing a Book


It’s been a while since I’ve kept up with a blog, so forgive me for not sitting down to write every week. Believe me, I am writing every single day, be it content for UrbanMatter, email marketing, or polishing my book. But I’ll do my best to come back to this every now and again.

A friend suggested that I build a website to begin marketing my first book, Sinister Chicago, so I took his advice and got right to work. The problem is now I’m not quite sure how! I have come to the conclusion that it means building a blog again, just for the sake of content, which means I have even more writing in my future, to absolutely no one’s surprise. If you know me, I haven’t stopped typing since 2003 when I was gifted my first computer. Bless you, mom and dad, for that old-school Dell desktop.

That doesn’t mean writing isn’t hard, though. I feel like everyone assumes that, if you’re a writer, you just always have this effortless wave of inspiration that runs from your brain through your fingertips onto the page whenever you like. But the truth is there have been countless times when I am entirely at a loss for words. Writing is energy, action. Even sitting here now, I’m struggling to say what I feel like I should, which I suppose is that I feel humbled, grateful, and a little bit terrified about writing my first book. I can only hope you all enjoy it.

I’ll check back in with some teaser posts later this month, so until then, happy new year, and please reach out if you have questions about my book or wish to offer insight on relevant topics! It’s on my list of resolutions to be more patient and listen when people have wisdom to share.

-Kali Joy Cramer