Sinister Chicago: Windy City Secrets, Urban Legends, and Sordid Characters


Imagine a city with secrets seeping through the cracks of buildings no more than 100 years old but still infested with unusual and unspoken stories. The gust of the Windy City is more than just a metaphor for blustery politicians or its bone-chilling lake effect: the breeze carries with it an unnerving desire to know more, just as these peculiar stories brew endless questions about the total mystery of Chicago, Illinois.

Sinister Chicago is a comprehensive chronicle of every dark, strange, or otherwise unexplained event that has happened in Chicago’s short history. From its conception in 1833, the city of Chicago has birthed some of the most innovative creations and unexplained stories that the world has to offer. Sinister Chicago tackles the morbid beginnings of some of the most tragic events the city has witnessed and the disturbing origins of some of Chicago’s greatest landmarks.

Sinister Chicago will detail stories close to the city’s heart, including unsolved murders, urban legends, and strange mysteries that have shockingly real origins. From human horrors to little-known facts about Chicago’s most notorious criminals, Sinister Chicago will uncover the city’s most bizarre unexplained tragedies and discuss some of the city’s most unusual landmarks and museums.

There’s nothing quite as intriguing as the Second City and all of its deeply buried narratives. Unlike ancient cities lost to time, Chicago is young and alive, hiding dark and peculiar stories beneath its concrete streets as the modern world exists above it all, unaware. Sinister Chicago unveils the history of these strange occurrences, histories, and landmarks in the hopes that the people of this great city become even more enamored with its mystifying charm.

Kali CramerComment